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This Book Corner is a service to the community to acknowledge Graduates of Holman High School or Stuttgart High School, their children, their grandchildren and a continuous generation of authors from our community that are contributing to the World – knowledge and entertainment.

Madelyn Grace Modeste the author of this book, was only 11 years old when she became an author. She is the daughter of Mrs. Shauntell Modeste and Mr. Philbert Modeste. Grand-daughter of Joyce Criner Washington, a graduate of Holman High School.

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Barrie Glover (Sept. 1952- Dec. 2021) was a life long resident of Stuttgart, Arkansas. He is a graduate of Holman High School, one of the class of 1970. He was well known to the community of Stuttgart as Apostle Barrie Glover.
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Honorable mention:
Justin Bryant, a talented Artist, is working on a project for our community. The project is named, “Holman a Living Archive”. This community project centralizes art and social engagement as a key component to the revitalization of the historically black Holman High School. The project will have three components: interviews from alumni, books/zines, and works produced by the resident artist. We will keep you informed of the projects progress.

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Interchange Program – Mid-America Arts Alliance

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Arkansas Museum of Fine Art

Glenn Mosenthin is a third-generation graduate of Stuttgart High School. He went on to earn a business degree from Tulsa University. Glenn worked for many years with American Airlines as an airport operations agent and is editor of the Grand Prairie Historical Bulletin.

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The Author, Earnest “Tex” Sims, was born 1948 in Casscoe. At the time of his death in 1914,
he still lived in our community. Earnest Sims had to drop out of school to help his father support
their large growing family. But he never gave up on his desire to write and authored 6 books.
“The Autobiography of Earnest Sims” and “Across the Tracks” are the two most talked about here
in our community.

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Tamika Stallings Washington, was a teenager when she experienced and survived a life-threatening brain aneurysm. She believes God saved her. The title “Eyes On The 80 Percent” shows her determination to look for the good 80 percent of life and not look at the bad 20 percent of life. She has been happily married to her husband Earl for 15 years, they live in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is the niece of Faye L. Kirk, a 1965 graduate of Holman High School. In her dedication she credits her Mother, Joyce Nana Gyamena and her uncle Thomas Kirk. They were there for her through it all.

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