Holman’s Alma Mater
“Oh Holman, Dear,”
Written by: Dazzel Dean Mott
Holman High School Graduate class of 1946

Oh Holman, Dear, Our love for you
is one that’s rich and pure and true;
A part of us you’ll always be.
We love you with sincerity.
Oh Holman, Dear, as years go by
Our love for you will never die;
Within our hearts you’ll always be.
We’ll ever love and cherish thee.
You’ve taught us things you
Thought were right;
We’ll try to keep them in the light.
And though we all may stray from here;
Our thoughts will ever linger near.
Oh Holman, Dear, we will be true.
We’ll do the things you’d have us to do;
And as we go through life each day,
Oh Holman, Dear, you’re ours to stay.,
You’re part of us and that you know,
Your guidance here, we’ll always show.
And if by error we do stray
We’ll not go far Mater, we pray.