Free Covid-19 and Flu Vaccines UPDATE

On January 12, 2023, Holman Community Development Corp. in partnership with other agencies, held a special event here at the Holman Heritage Center. Free Covid-19 and Flu Vaccines supplies and volunteers were available and ready to welcome the community. The next Free Covid-19 and Flu Vaccines Event will be held in Marianna, AR on January…

10 Activities to Introduce Nutrition to Children

This is a blog by Arctic Gardens, with an article by Karine Gravel. For kids, healthy food activities can focus on the pleasure associated with discovering new foods. Click here to read the full article

Creative Food and Play Ideas for Preschoolers

The Nutrition Resource Centre at theOntario Public Health Association has available online a booklet called “BusyBodies”. BusyBodies booklet contains creative food and play ideas for preschoolers (ages 3-5). There are over 50 pages of fun ideas for indoors and outdoors activities to keep preschoolers busy during days of Covid isolation at home. Click here to…

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