Holman Heritage Community Center Stuttgart, Arkansas

Holman Honey Bee Literacy Program

The regular administration of the program remains suspended due to Covid. The Program is administrated by Mrs. Bronwyn Criner. Latanyua Robinson has been a very dedicated volunteer. The program was offered originally during the Sunday Dinners from 11:00am-3:00 pm. A range of activities were offered 2018-2020 to the community until Covid 19 shut down the in person Sunday Dinners.

A Walkthrough on Christmas 2020 was an opportunity to give the children Literacy Materials from our Honey Bee Literacy program.

The Honey Bee Literacy Program will continue to provide help to our community, 2021 is no exception. Because reading is so important.


November 2021 program activities are reduced but not stopped. We are able to have a Preschooler Covid 19 Awareness Campaign that has made available a FREE book titled “Shopping for MaMaw”. This book encourages preschool to be aware of Covid 19 and take precautions. Parents can read aloud, download or print this book for the preschoolers. Wonderful illustrations for the preschoolers to enjoy. We wish to thank the author, Anne Collier, for her kindness.
11/12/2021 Read, Download or Print “Shopping for MaMaw”
This video of a past year’s long preparation shows how planning can work exceeding well, if not for Covid-19.
Holman was able in the past to plan and deliver several activities to the community leading up to Thanksgiving. Covid-19 has curtailed nearly all activity were large crowds can gather.

Kickoff preparations for all that planning

This video shows how program plans can be made and carried out if given the chance