Holman Heritage Community Center

Stuttgart, Arkansas

A Piano Gift

The Pandemic has not stopped generous gifts to Holman Heritage Center. Dave Broady and Laura Cunningham arranged for us to receive this piano as a gift, on July 7, 2021. A local business helped Wade Hobbs and Calvin Criner move the  gift to our Holman Heritage Center. When requested it is available for programs scheduled for public and private events. Piano lessons may be scheduled at no charge beginning January 2022.

Spring Break at Holman Heritage Center

Carla Coleman and Staff are helping the children of the community stay busy doing their time off from school.

Pictures of the programs activities

Around The World Tea Party

These pictures owned by Latanyua Robinson are submitted to us by Mrs Bronwyn Criner featuring an event at Holman Heritage Community Center .

Around The World Tea Party

HGTV Hometown Makeover Contest

Our submission to HGTV is very interesting. It is a video with local officials and citizens discussing why Stuttgart, Arkansas would be a good and worthy town to get a professional makeover. Including a segment where Calvin Criner and Teddy Holt speak about Holman Heritage Community Center.

This video is on the Facebook page  “In The Loop”

Field Trip

Park Avenue Black History Field trip at Holman Community Heritage Center (02/14/19).